Note that the trim options above are a guide only. See Detail Changes / 15 Soft Trim for a full definition of the options.


Note for above.

These statistics were obtained by Graham Robson from the Ford archivist, who had access to the production records at the time. There is an anomaly around the production of cars in November / December 1968, as several cars are known with a date code of November 1968.

It seems most likely that these cars were made at the end of October 1968, as far as the production system was concerned, but not allocated a chassis number / strut top stamp until November, which may only have been a couple of days later.

The identification of the cars by allocating a chassis number was only made once the cars were complete, running and had passed their quality checks, hence it was quite normal for completed cars made in one month to have the next month’s date code applied.



Ford seemed to be pleased with their range of colours for 1969: