This section is going to look at the other Sporting Mk2 Cortinas that are the very close relatives of the Mk2 Lotus Cortina.

The Mk2 Lotus Cortina was firmly based on the Mk2 GT, and wasn’t introduced until March 1967, several months after the launch of the Mk2, including the GT.

The 1600E was also based on the GT, and in fact shared it’s chassis type with the GT. It wasn’t introduced until the first facelift of the Mk2, in September 1968. In many ways, the 1600E shared even more with the Lotus, always employing the heavy duty shell, with the rolled arches, and of course, it shared the suspension and the braking system with the Lotus.

Probably the closest relative of all is the 2 door 1600E, that was only available in left hand drive, aimed at the European market. The shell for the 2 door is even closer to the Lotus Cortina shell, and it really can be seen as a cross between the 1600E and the Lotus.

All of these cars share many parts, which is another good reason to flesh out what’s what with the different Sporting Mk2 Cortinas. In time, I hope to develop a definitive list of what is shared, and what is unique, across the different models.