Ford didn’t spend too much on advertising the new Mk 2 Lotus Cortina, and the only adverts I have were from the launch.





Pirelli had some budget to associate their tyres with the car

Ford pushed the boat out with the launch brochure which was, I believe, the only single model brochure produced for the Mk 2 Lotus Cortina

The price list and options catalogue that came with the launch brochure

Shortly after the launch, a brochure titled ‘High Performance From Ford’ came out, which covered the Lotus Cortina, the Cortina GT and the Corsair 2 litre, a very similar style to the Mk 1 ‘High Performance’ brochure.  The pictures for the Lotus Cortina look similar to those used for the launch brochure, but are quite different, and now the car has a registation number.








This rare brochure was created from a write up in Motoring News.


After this brochure, the Lotus Cortina was a one page spread in the brochure for all Cortinas.

And for Portugal a sort of 60s Photoshop was used…reversed and lightened image of the UK brochure

Alan has kindly supplied several European brochures for the 1969/70 model. and I got a surprise. Not only is the car now refered to at the Cortina Twincam, as per the Escort, but it has Rostyles and a pinstripe as standard.