This is a new section for2021 that aims to record Mk1 Lotus Cortinas racing in New Zealand in the 1960s.

The structure of this section will undoubtedly change over time as more information comes to light. Currently I am just grouping the photos and any associated information by driver. Where possible, and where known, the information is presented in date and circuit order within driver. We’ll see how far we get with this!

Early on there will be many questions written in this section associated with the photos… and year of the race, registration number of the car…etc. As these get addressed, the answers will replace the questions.

We’ll give it a go and see how well this works!

Championship Race Locations








Question. What racing categories were there in the Saloon Car championship? (i.e. under 1000cc, under 2000cc etc.) and where do the v8 Zephyr / Coventry Climax Lotus Cortina / Twincam Anglia fit in? Were any homologtion rules applied? How were race numbers applied, and I guess they could carry over from race to race?

The Cars

Ford of New Zealand sponsored 5 race Lotus Cortinas, bringing them over in late 1963. Presumably these were ‘Production Race cars’ produced by Lotus at Cheshunt to the same specification as the Team Lotus cars.

The cars are quite difficult to identify just from their number plates as those plates were taxation plates, changed every year until June 1964, and then a permanent plate was associated with the car. The racing numbers were often taken over from race to race as well just to make it all a bit more tricky! What we know from photos of the cars so far is this….

DA 2307 (driven by Paul Fahey). First registration (tax plate) 493.610.

AM 3805 (driven by Arthur Moffat), later modified by fitting Coventry Climax FPF engine from his Lotus 15.

479 092 (driven by Kerry Grant) modified by fitting a 1650 Willment developed pushrod engine.


CS 8065 and CS 8606    These two works cars were built in 1964 to S/E specification  specifically for long distance racing (conformed by being on the Works car list and S/E list owned by Andy Middlehurst). They had long-distance petrol tanks fitted and retained their standard interiors, rather than adopting the stripped-out single seat interiors of the works production race cars. They were brought over by Ford NZ in 1964, and were raced by Paul Fahey and Kerry Grant in the Wills 6 hr race.

CS8606 was re-registered FV5595 and is still in New Zealand.



Kerry Grant

Kerry won the 1963 / 64 championship in his Southwood Engineering Lotus Cortina, registration 479.092, painted white with a black stripe, and for a time with a black roof as well. He did have both a GT and a Lotus Cortina, and at Pukekohe (Wills 6hr) and Renwick Grant used the GT which was plain white, with reg. plate 478.088. From the November Levin the Lotus Cortina was run, often with a Willment (UK)  prepared 1650cc pushrod engine.

Photo KG 1 Location?

Photo KG 2 Location?

Photo KG 3 Kerry getting past Ernie Sprague in Mk3 Zephyr, Levin 1964

Photo KG4 Kerry and Ernie  at Mount Maunganui

Photo KG5 – Kerry chasing Ernie Sprague, Location?

Photo KG6 Location? Kerry catching up with a 1940s Willys Coupe.

Photo KG7 Location?

Photo KG8 Attributed as Kerry chasing Paul Fahey in the 1964 Wills 6 hr race at Pukekohe. However, lead car is CS8606 and has the red. white and blue stripes on the bonnet, and following car looks like CS8505 and has black stripe on bonnet? Are these the two ‘long distance’ works cars brought over by Ford NZ?

Photo KG9 A close-up at the 64 Wills 6 hour race. Same two cars as above.

Photo KG10 Location?

Paul Fahey

Paul started out racing motorcycles very successfully, and became the dominant racer in saloon car racing in New Zealand for 10 years from 1965 to 1975. He started that success in a works Lotus Cortina, one of the 5 brought over by Ford NZ, winning the Saloon car championship in the 1964 – 1965 season. His car was distinguished by having a blue stripe replacing the standard green one.

From Bruce Miles –

Paul Fahey sold the Lotus Cortina to Ran McDonald and Ron Rutherford in Christchurch.
Ron wrote the car off (last photo in this section) and he cut up the body, put the mechanicals in a pretty A40 Farina and the interior went in a two door ex-post office standard Cortina.
There ended the championship winning Lotus Cortina of the previous season.
The Christchurch connection continues.  Paul Fahey after selling the car purchased the engine out of locally based Arthur Moffat Car. Arthur’s car was the only car of the five originals to be sold in the South Island by Ford.
It had been repowered with a 2 litre Coventry Climax engine hence the original engine, about number 650 I think, was redundant.


Pic PF1 Wigram (maybe?), 18th January 1964. Still with the early ‘Taxation’ number plate.

Pic Pf1a Another early photo of Paul chasing Dennis Marwood in his Hillman …. Location?

Pic PF2 Wigram, 18th January 1964. Paul Fahey (108) , Ernie Sprague (Zephyr Mk3), Ray Archibald (8) ( Works Mk2 Jaguar 3.8 )and Kerry Grant (46) with black roof. 2nd row Dow (10) ( Mk2 Jaguar) and Dennis Marwood Humber 80.

Pic PF3 Wigram, 18th January 1964. Paul Fahey and Kerry Grant heading right!

Pic PF4 Wigram, 18th January 1964. Paul Fahey after a bump.

Pic PF5 Pukekohe. Paul Fahey leading Bob Jane (Jaguar) and Rod Coppins (Corvette V8 Zephyr). Behind Rods car Alwin Marshall’s Lotus Cortina is now pointing the wrong way.

Pic PF6 Pukekohe Paul Fahey leading Rod Coppins (Zephyr) and Bob Jane (Jaguar)

Pic PF7 Pukekohe Paul Fahey leading Bob Jane

Pic PF8 Pukekohe Paul Fahey leading Bob Jane

Pic PF9 Pukekohe Paul Fahey

Pic PF10 Levin January 16th 1965

Pic PF10 Levin January 16th 1965

Pic PF12 Wigram. Paul Fahey and Rod Coppins line up.

Pic PF13 Wigram

Pic PF14 Teretonga

Pic PF15 Pukekohe Paul chasing Ernie Sprague

Pic PF16 The two championship contenders….location?

PF17 Wills 6 hour race,  Paul Fahey co-driven by Jim Palmer. Again, this is CS8606 not Paul’s normal car.

Pic PF18 Paul Fahey Location?

Pic PF19. 1965 and the Lotus Cortina was just the beginning of Paul’s long run of Saloon Car championships.

Pic PF20. The end of Paul’s championship car when driven by Ran McDonald.

Pic PF21 Taken away to be cut up.

Arthur Moffat

Arthur had raced a variety of cars prior to campaigning a Lotus Cortina, and he ran that using the Coventry Climax FPF 2 litre engine out of his Lotus 15.

Pic AM1 Arthur Moffat at Dunedin Street Race 1965 in Climax FPF engine Lotus Cortina

Pic AM2 Waimate with Arthur Moffat (25) alongside Paul Fahey (108) with John Ward (30) in the second row in the ex-Kerry Grant car.

Pic AM3

John Ward

Jon started racing Lotus Cortinas in the 1964 – 1965 season driving the ex-Kerry Grant Southward Engineering car (with pushrod engine) for the newly formed Molyslip team. Tragically John was killed in a Lotus Cortina at Catalina Park, Katoomba in Australia in 1968.

Pic JW1 John Ward at Levin

Pic JW2 Bay Park?

Pic JW3 Bay Park?

Pic JW3 John attacking the bales at Renwick.

Barry Phillips

Paul Fahey was Barry’s neighbour in the early 1960s, and they started a car dealership in Papakura. After about 12 months, Barry purchased his partner’s shares in the enterprise and became a sole trader under the name of Papakura Motors Ltd.

Barry enjoyed success on the racetrack early on with an Anglia which was owned and serviced by his own company, Papakura Motors Ltd. In the mid to late 1960s, he raced a Lotus Cortina, and later moved to Minis, winning a New Zealand championship in that car.

Pic BP1 Barry racing at Parritutu ?

Pic BP2 Barry Phillips location unknown.

Alwyn Marshall

Raced a Buckler in 1961…no more information found….

Pic AM1 Alwyn Marshall (113) at Puckakoe with Rod Coppins (Zephyr) and Bob Jane (Jaguar Mk2) chasing Paul Fahey (out of shot)

Pic AM2 Alwyn Marshall a little later !