This section provides information on forums, clubs and parts / services providers that the Lotus Cortina owner may find useful.



MkI  Cortina Owners Club

This is an active club with many local meetings around the country and in the USA, with the large annual National Day held at Stratford-upon-Avon Race Course. The National Day, held in early August, is usually shared with the Mk 2 Cortina Owner’s club, and many Lotus Cortinas, MkI  and MkII, attend.

The club supports many other classic car shows, including having a stand at  the Classic Car show at the NEC in November.

The club holds a superb parts inventory with great service….lot’s of the ‘Cortina’ stuff that you may not get at the Lotus specialists, and at a more reasonable price.

Excellent and informative website for the non-member, which is enhanced for the member.

The club provides assistance with DVLA registration for all Mk I barn find and imported cars.

The club also provides insurance valuations for all models.


Ford Cortina MkII Owner’s Club

The club was formed to include all MkII Cortinas.

It has active local and national meetings, with annual national day held with the MkI Cortina Owners Club at Stratford-upon-Avon Race Course in early August.

It maintains an excellent parts inventory with an interesting and informative website.

They have a Facebook Group with well over 3000 members which has become most active group for all Mk2 Cortinas, including the Mk2 Lotus.

Insurance valuations for all models given.

The club provides assistance with DVLA registration for all Mk2 models for barn find and imported cars. The chap doing this work is an ex- Police vehicle inspector, so if he says it’s right…it is!

Ford Cortina MkII Owners Club (Facebook Group)

This is a very active forum run by the Cortina MkII Owners Club, with open discussions and knowledgeable folks who are happy to share information. With over 4000 members, it’s rare to find a question that can’t be answered.

The Mk2 Lotus Cortina does share many parts and assemblies with the standards cars and of course the GT and 1600E, and that makes this group all the more useful for Lotus Cortina owners.


MkII Cortina and 1600E Owner’s Club

The club started off as the 1600E club, then expanded to include all Cortinas after the Ford Cortina MkII Club got going.

Local and national meetings, with their National Day held at Gaydon in mid-July along with many other old Ford clubs.

The club also maintains an excellent parts inventory, and is one of the few places you can buy a Mk2 Lotus Cortina exhaust system.

Good website

They have an active Facebook Group for all Mk2 Cortinas, including the Mk2 Lotus.


MkI & Mk2 Lotus Cortina Group (Facebook Group)

12509088_1123310454353346_7517187670296062826_n (1)There is only one forum you will need to go to for the Mk1 and Mk2 Lotus Cortina. It is the most energetic and enthusiastic site for the cars I’ve ever seen, and now has over 7500 members.



Lotus Cortina Register

The club is focused on maintaining a register of Lotus Cortinas, the details of which are submitted by members.

The club also offers an inspection service for Lotus Cortinas, which they call a ‘Car Authentication Service’. This service is charged for at a fixed rate (higher for non-members) and an hourly rate / mileage rate.

They do not offer a spares service, and there is no quarterly magazine any more.

The website consists of a few ‘static’ information pages containing information about the club, with no information at all about the Lotus Cortina cars or the history of the marque. The website links to a forum.

The forum is mainly closed, for members only. It is now very quiet on there, with Lotus Cotina enthusiasts and owners finding the Facebook pages of the Mk1 & Mk2 Lotus Cortina, and the MkII Cortina clubs more useful and engaging.

The LCR are were on Facebook, but gave up as they thought it was ‘toxic’!

They will be starting up a new Facebook page, for paid up LCR members only, which of course sounds exactly the same as their existing forum.

FORUMS is a forum dedicated to the Lotus Elan. The Elan obviously shares it’s engine and gearbox with the Lotus Cortina, and it is the most informative resource on the internet for the Twincam engine.


BuySellCortina is a forum for all Cortinas, Mk 1 through to Mk 5. There are many Lotus Cortina owners on there, and the model is well represented…some think perhaps too well!

As the name suggests, it is an excellent place to find cars and parts for sale, and when I have needed rare parts I have found them via this site.





Team DeVille (General parts plus race equipment)

Now the go-to place for Mk1 Lotus Cortina parts, especially for the race cars.


Guy Smith Motorsports

Guy has some very interesting Lotus Cortina parts, new and 2nd hand, available. He has a great network and can often dig out the bits others can’t find!


BakerGinn Lotus Cortina Parts

Colin Ginn is well known in the UK as the pre-eminent Lotus Cortina restorer in the country. He has restored many Mk1 Lotus Cortina, and quite a few Mk2 as well, and in so doing has come across parts that are no longer available.

So he made them, and having made the tooling, started to make additional parts to help fellow Lotus Cortina enthusiasts.

This is where you will find many of the ‘A’ Frame bits and pieces that are not available anywhere else. But there are many other bits and pieces available.

Stage 1 Motorsport

This company is remaking some of the small production and hard to find parts for Lotus Cortinas, Mk1 and Mk2

The workmanship of their reproduction parts really is superb, and I have bought quite a few parts for my Lotus Cortina and Escort Twincam from these guys.

Call Trevor on 07817 543948 or 01736 754381

Kelvedon Motors Ltd.

This company has a wide variety of parts for the Mk1 and Mk2 Lotus Cortina, as well as the engine / gearbox parts common to the Elan. 



Classic Team Lotus for engine / gearbox parts (most parts are for the cars made by Lotus in the 1960s / 70s)


QED for engine parts


Burton for engine, gearbox, brake and suspension parts


Distributor Doctor

This is THE place to go for ignition components. He has had condensers and rotor arms re-made to a very high standard, has a stock of quality distributor caps, leads and coils, and can fully re-build your distributor.

This is now the only place I will go to get ignition parts.



Autosteer Direct

Steering box overhaul for Mk1 and Mk2 Lotus Cortinas.

These guys have been in business many years and have a very good reputation.

Chesterbank Business Park, River Lane, Saltney, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8SL
01244 680437

Steering Services

Based in Dorking, Surrey



Coil Springs (1989) Ltd (Sheffield)

OEM specification front springs.

Tel. 01142 758573.


Owen Springs Ltd (Rotherham)

OEM specification leaf springs

Tel. 01709 710700.



Mk 1 Cortina Parts

Mk 1 Cortina Owners club have a very good parts collection….lot’s of the ‘Cortina’ stuff that you may not get at the Lotus specialists, and at a more reasonable price.


MK 2 Cortina Parts

Both Mk 2 clubs in the UK sell parts:


Ford Cortina Mk 2 Owner’s Club


1600E Owner’s Club


Dale at Cortina Spares Unlimited (General Cortina parts)

01509 264550


John at Goldendays (General Cortina parts)

01603 881155


Speedy Spares (general classic car parts, brake parts for LoCort)


Classic Ford Parts

Tel 01344 304064
Brake/clutch master cylinders, wheel cylinder & shoes/pads, steering parts, suspension parts, lamps.



Very good reproduction plates here:


Get a new chassis plate correctly stamped here….you will need to prove you own the car!




Aldrich Trimming (For trim such as headlining, door panels, seat covers, carpets and boot carpets)


East Kent Trim (general trim parts such as door rubbers etc.)


Scott’s Old Auto Rubber … Window and door rubbers (from Australia…considered to be the best)



Mark Davies Racing

Owns the Springall name and re-makes all the different styles of wheel used in the Mk1 Lotus Cortina.

They are made exactly as the originals, and would suit a car where originality is the main objective. Mark also makes the different hubs to suit the wheels.

Contact Mark on 01452 790111


Len Chandler

Len repairs most steering wheels

01276 856591



All the Elan parts suppliers have the later (Mk2 Lotus Cortina) round ‘Lotus’ badges, as well as the Indy Winners badge for the lter Mk1 cars

Tony Thompson Racing stock the earler flater badges for the Mk1 Lotus Cortina


ExPressed Panels (Reproduction Panels)



P.D.Gough & Co. Ltd

Highly recommended by Will Peyton after he took his ex-Jim Clark Lotus Cortina up there to get the custom built exhaust tweaked to stop it vibrating against the bodywork. Genuine craftsmanship.


105 Speed (used by many Lotus Cortina owners in the UK)

Telephone: 01234 294674



Wiring looms & other electrical sundries.

Auto Sparks
80-88 Derby Road
NG10 5HU

Tel +44 (0)115 949 7211
Fax +44 (0)115 949 1955



Speedograph Richfield Ltd, 

Rolleston Drive,
Arnold, Nottingham
NG5 7JR United Kingdom.
Telephone:0044 (0) 115 926 4235. Fax:0044 (0) 115 920 9912

Flexible Drive and Control Cables
Instrumentation Repairs and Restoration
Instrument Fitting Accessories
Miniature Corrector Gearboxes & Angle Drives


Speedy Cable
Tel: 01639 732213, Fax 01639 732238

Manufacture and refurbishment of instruments, speedo cables, throttle cables etc.


USA Suppliers

RD Enterprises

A supplier of all things Lotus from the 1960s and 1970s, based in PA, and the owner has a Lotus Cortina!


Dave Bean Engineering

Similar to RD Enterprises, but based in CA


Omnitech Engineering

Tuning specialist for the Lotus Twincam, with fuel Injection systems and Stromberg to Weber head conversions. Based in Bellingham, WA.