This stunning pair of late Aeroflow cars are also owned by Will Payton. They are well known cars, often to be seen at the Mk 1 club shows and the LCR Nationals in the UK, where they have both received many awards.

 NJD is the more famous car, as it was the subject of an extensive Mk 1 Lotus review in Popular Classics magazine in June 1993. It was restored in the late 1980s by Derek Dean, a very well known Lotus character, using a lot of new-old-stock sourced from Australia, the USA and the UK. In 1993 Derek sold NJD for £20,000, or nearly twice the price of an ‘ordinary’ show car back then!
It is an August 1966 Car, making it one of the last to be built, and is certainly one of the finest examples of a standard late Aeroflow.
LLR was bought by Will more recently as a part-completed restoration. The work completed had been done to a very high standard, and Will finished the car off ensuring that the detail was absolutely correct, using NJD as the main reference. LLR has a highly developed engine, with 145bhp on tap, along with modern tyres for a little more grip, halogen headlamps to be able to see at night, and the obligatory roof aerial.
These cars are almost identical to look at initially, but very different machines on the road. One car just wouldn’t be enough!