There are few Mk 2 Lotus Cortina survivors today. They were run into the ground in the day and sold off at auction for half the price of a ‘normal’ Mk 2 Lotus Cortina of the same age, which attracted guys like me who had more enthusiasm than cash to run a car like this!

They often didn’t last more than a couple of years after being auctioned off, and would usually end up as donors for other Lotus Cortinas or Elans. But a handful have survived, and are described in this section.

There were two 4 door Lotus Cortinas made, which essentially used the 1600E bodyshell, and both of those have survived.

Police Mk2 Lotus Cortinas Identified

Hampshire Constabulary

TOR 751H – 757H (7 cars)

TOT 801H – 805H (5 cars)

UCG 662H

TOR 756H  has survived


Thames Valley (Aylesbury)

FBH 461G – 466G (6 cars)

LKX 361H – 376H (16 cars)

LKX 362H and LKX 365H have survived


East Sussex Constabulary

RPX 720E – 723E (4 cars)

FDY 160E

TPX 457F

TPX 461F – 464F (4 cars)

RNJ 342G – 344G (3 cars)

PPN 583G – PPN 584G (2 cars)

UAP 369H


UPM 91H – 92H (2 cars)

No known survivors. PPN 584G was used as a Ford Press car.


Mid Anglia Constabulary

OEB 579H – 580H (2 cars)

Both cars are 4 door (the only 4 door Lotus Cortinas) and both survive.


So far, it looks like 3 x 2 door and 2 x  4 door Lotus Cortina Police cars have survived.

The Cars

This is the collection of photos I have found or have been sent so far, mainly of the cars in period.


50.2 Mk 2 Lotus Cortina Police 241 v2