Under Construction.

This will identify and contain a description of the main books, primarily issued by Ford, of use and interest to the Lotus Cortina owner.

These are:

For the Mk 1

Parts List For The Consul Cortina Developed By Lotus (1963)

Ford Cortina Parts List 1962 / 66

Workshop Manual Suppliments

Ford Service Managers / Car Service Managers Information and Upgrades (VERY Rare!)

Handbook – Pre Aeroflow

Handbook – Aeroflow

Service Book – Pre Aeroflow

Service Book – Aeroflow

For the Mk 2:

Cortina Lotus Introduction Guide (VERY Rare!)

Cortina Lotus Service Guide

Cortina Lotus Workshop Manual

Cortina Parts List 1966 / 70

Ford Book of Plus Performance (Cortina and Cortina & Escort versions)

Handbook (Series 1)

Supplementary Owner Handbook (Series 2)

The Service Programme and Plus Performance books are hard to get hold of, so I will get a pdf version of each together to be read online or download.

Centre page from the Ford Book of Plus Performance (Cortina & Escort version)