This section records the changes to the library to allow you to zoom in on the new stuff, as well as looking at planned additions and changes to the library. I’ve had a lot of requests for this recently as the library is starting to get quite big, and trawling through to find changes can be quite time consuming.


Most Recent Additions (Rolling Year)

Jan ’18

Race Cars – Mk1 Team Lotus 1965 – Completely re-written with many new photographs

Jan ’18

Race Cars – Mk1 Team Lotus – split into 4 sections, one for each of the competing years

Dec ’17

Mk1 Lotus Cortina – Mk 1 Features and Changepoints. section. Some changes and clarifications made

 Feb ’17

Mk1 Features and Changepoints – Section re-written, new draft added.

Jan ’17

Lotus Twincam Engine – New section added. This is currently being written, using some of the material previously found in the Mk1 Lotus Cortina – Originality section.

Mk1 Lotus Cortina – Mk 1 Features and Changepoints AND Originality sections. These have been cleared out and are being completely re-written.

Mk2 Road Car Studies – Mk2 Series 2 Colin Chapman. Updated with new photographs and information.

Dec ’16

Rally Cars – Engine Developments For International Rallying. New section containing original Ford documents.

Rally Cars – Specification For 1965 Alpine Rally. New section containing original Ford documents.

Rally Cars – Specification For 1966 Monte Carlo Rally. New section containing original Ford documents.

Works Car Studies – Mk 1 Ex-Boreham Rally Car KPU 383C. New photos added showing car in the Scottish Rally, ’69, 71 and ’72

Mk1 Lotus Cortina – Mk1 Service Letters. A new section showing changes to servicing requirement / advice to customers for the Lotus Cortina

Mk1 Lotus Cortina – Mk1 Service Managers Information. A new section identifying changes to specification to the Lotus Cortina


Nov ’16

Works Car Studies – Mk1 IRS Prototype. Updated with new information confirming 550 VAR being built from 167 RUR.

Mk1 Road Car Studies – Mk1 Aeroflow ‘A’ Frame Monaco Red. Updated with new photographs

Marathons – 1968 London Sydney Marathon. Updated with many new photographs.

Marathons – Updated with Movies for 1968 London – Sydney and 1970 World Cup

Works Car Studies – Mk 1 Ex-Boreham Rally Car KPU 383C. A new entry, but one I’ve been working on for 6 years! A fascinating look at this famous rally car together with original photos, and a write-up and photos of the finding and re-building of the car over several years by John Wood, a Lotus Cortina owner for 40 years.

Oct ’16

Back to it after a long spring / summer!

Mk 2 Road Car Studies – Mk2 Series 2. A new entry looking at the last of the Lotus Cortinas, and another stunning car from the Will Payton collection.

Mk 2 Road Car Studies – Mk2 Series 2 Colin Chapman. A new entry looking at the largely un-restored Mk2 Series 2 car that was given to Colin Chapman by Ford in 1969

Mk 2 Road Car Studies – Mk2 Series 2 Ove Andersson. A new entry looking at the un-restored Mk2 Series 1b bought by Ove Andersson from Ford, and raced in Scandinavia in period.


Mar ’16

Race Cars – Mk1 Team Lotus. This section has been updated to add many more photos and align the information with the BTCC Races 1963 – 1968 section. Now completed for the 1964 season (1963 updated previously)

Buying / Restoring / Running – Running a Lotus Cortina – Buying a Mk1 Lotus Cortina – The Basics.  A checklist for buying the Mk1 Lotus Cortina, for each of the 4 variants of the Mk1.

Buying / Restoring / Running – Running a Lotus Cortina – New write-up on front page, discussing the market, the concepts of Originality, Provenance and Authenticity, and the issues around Re-shelling, Replicas, Fakes and Clones.


Feb ’16

What’s New?… and Plans –  New Section. Addition of this section

MK1 Road Car Studies – Mk1 Aeroflow ‘A’  Frame (Monaco Red). Addition of new featured car

Buying / Restoring / Running – Running a Lotus Cortina – Updated for new links / services


Jan ’16

Lotus Cortina Genesis – Elan Ford Launch (new)

Lotus Cortina Genesis – Building the Lotus Cortina – Cheshunt Staff and Board, photos and identification

Lotus Cortina Genesis – Press Pack January 23rd 1963 – A very rare and significant Press Pack.


Dec ’15

Rally Cars – Mk1 Rally Cars. Many new photos added, some re-structuring.

Rally Cars – main page, video of RAC Rally ’66 added.

Lotus Cortina Genesis – New Section. An extract from the Lotus Cortina Mk1 Section in order to fully record the story of the creation of the Lotus Cortina, whilst keeping the structures of the Mk1 and Mk2 Lotus Cortina sections the same. The creation information was starting the swamp the Mk1 section, and there is a lot more information to go into the creation story. The front page of this section has been completely re-written, and the following sub-sections brought across from the Mk1 Lotus Cortina section:

    An Early Jim Clark Viewpoint

    Early Development at Cheshunt – Hugh Haskell

    Lotus Cortina Engineering – Hugh Haskell

    Building the Lotus Cortina

Dearborn Spring ’63 Engineering Presentation


Nov ’15

Brochures and Adverts – Mk1 Brochures and Adverts – New 1964 Aeroflow Lotus brochure added

Mk1 Lotus Cortina – An Early Jim Clark Viewpoint. New article from Ford Times added. 

Mk1 Lotus Cortina – Dearborn Spring ’63 Engineering Presentation. A very important 50 page presentation on the concept, purpose and engineering details of the Lotus Cortina.

Mk2 Road Car Studies – Mk2 Series 1a Addition of new early Mk2 Lotus Cortina from Dave Cook, also identifes early features.


Oct  ’15

Mk 2 Lotus Cortina – Mk2 Timeline and Features – Re-written and updated

Mk 2 Lotus Cortina  – Mk2 Originality – Re-written and updated

Mk 2 Lotus Cortina – Mk2 Sideflash Template – Added

Works Car Studies – MK1 Ex-Team Lotus Race Car. New car (KPU 396C) added.


Sep ’15

Race Cars – Mk1 Race Cars – Team Lotus. Rationalisation of existing photos and layout, and alignment of photos with BTCC Races 1963 – 1968 for location, car, driver. New photos added. 1963 season (RUR cars) completed.

Race Cars – Mk1 Race Cars. Re-structuring of Race Car section by splitting out Team Lotus, Alan Mann and Privateer sections


Planned Changes and Additions

Current / ongoing

Complete rationalisation of the Race Car photos and alignment with race results to ensure accuracy of images. Ongoing (Jan 2018)

Re-write the Mk1 Originality section, including a comprehensive bodyshell originality analysis with considerable photographic support. I have held off putting this information for quite a while whist gathering opinion regarding how far to go with this definition. Virtually all owners say the same thing…publish the most complete definition as possible to help detect non-original shells / poor restorations. Nobody actually believes the rubbish that a few photos will help a kid with a Mig create a perfect Lotus Cortina replica from a standard car!

Re-write the Mk2 Originality section, including a comprehensive bodyshell originality analysis with considerable photographic support. Reasons for holding back as per the Mk1.

Start to populate the Buying / Restoring / Running section, complete with buyer’s guide and checklist by variant. This will include an interesting debate on re-shelling, creating a car form an identification, all without the wind-up normally associated with these topics on forums.


Longer Term

Continue to update all sections with backlog of information gathered to date. This includes a lot more additional content in adding more road and ex-works car studies, adding to existing road and ex-works car studies, updating the London / Sydney and London / Mexico marathons as well as new / revised information in most of the other sections. I think there is probably another 3 or 4 years work just in this lot, without any new information arriving in the next 3 or 4 years!

Investigate best way of converting library contents into e-book format, allowing downloadable sections / entire content.  The purpose of this library is to establish the correct information for the Lotus Cortina, and spread the word. This is just another channel to ensure that the information will live on, to help folks in the future.

Add all the contemporary road tests and writeups into the ‘Tests’ section. Some 130 tests have been scanned, which need cleaning / sizing, and the best method of displaying them needs to be determined

Add all the workshop manuals, parts lists, accessory books etc. to the ‘Books’ section. Many of these have been scanned, and all originals have been obtained. Decisions need to be made on how far to go. For example, there sems to be little point in scanning the Mk2 Lotus Cortina Workshop manual as it is still available new, as is the parts lists for the Mk1 1962 – 1966. Maybe extracts (eg, parts list diags for Lotus Cortina only) could be useful to allow quick reference to Lotus Cortina bits.

Add all the change notices, dealer notices and letters into the appropriate Mk1 and Mk2 sections.

Investigate the feasibility of having an on-line Register of Lotus Cortinas. My register now has details of over 1500 cars, and many have asked for the ability to see the register on-line, and the ability to upload their car details and photos. This is quite easy to do, and information such as owner details / last few digits of the chassis number could be hidden, which would still allow owners to see cars near their own car, and be able to contact the other owners if both parties were happy to do this.

This may be a step too far with regards the Lotus Cortina Register. Whilst most of the members have contacted and supported me with this library, the ‘club’ has been against sharing information from the mid 1990s, so it is quite possible that they wouldn’t like a register to be public. The joys of politics in a club, which I’m very happy not to have to put up with!!

A copy of my register ( on Excel spreadsheet) is available to contributors to this library, as is any of the information on here. The exception to this is the copyright photos, for obvious reasons.